Thursday, 20 April 2017

How to clean urine soaked mattress and Make freshen

It is mandatory that Mattresses need to be aired and cleaned regularly to prevent dust mites and dead skin cells from building up. These can aggravate allergies and generally interfere with us getting a good sleep. Mattresses also get a bit on the nose after a while from sweat and various other bodily fluids. Because you spent a lot of time and money choosing the right mattress for you or a loved one only to find that someone has wet the bed. There are several methods you can choose from see what's underneath your sink and get started. Mattresses can harbor spills, stains, dirt, dust, dust mites and worse so, maintaining a clean mattress is important for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that your partially clothed body is lying on top of it with only a sheet separating you.

Methods to clean your mattress:-

  • Vacuum your mattress is important step because it removes the dust, dead skin cells and other debris that lands on your mattress and which accumulates, en masse, over time. Consider doing this every time you rotate your mattress; once a season.

  • Use baking soda and sprinkle it over stained areas until covered. Now take a break to let the baking soda set in for at least a couple of hours. Leave the soda on spots for as long as possible. The baking soda will begin to clump up as it soaks in the vinegar. This is what removes the vinegar along with odor.

  • You applying a small amount of laundry detergent on it and then scrubbing the area with a wash cloth and water are more than enough to get rid of the stain. Follow this up by pouring some vinegar on the sullied area. Next, take a towel and absorb the excess liquid. This should remove the smell and bacteria from the mattress.

  • You also use 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide and mixed with 1 tbsp. each liquid dish soap and table salt. Lightly spread this onto the stain and allow it to sit until dry before scraping the residue off. Dab at any remaining stain with a white rag dipped into hydrogen peroxide, rotating the cloth as the stain lifts off.

You should use these methods to clean your mattress every 1-3 months, to keep it from ‘warping’ and increase the longevity of your mattress. We at Sydney Cleaning Support deliver the best and safest Mattress Cleaning Services in Sydney – one that you can vouch for!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Mattress Cleaning- Wake Up Breathing Easy

As you know mattress is properly covered and looks clean and thus quite often you make a mistake of thinking that your mattress is clean and fail to perform mattress cleaning. The fact of the matter is that our mattress is often the cause of many breathing problems that people face every night that they lie down to go to bed each evening. If your mattress could look soft and cosy, properly covered with a clean set of bed sheets which is frequently changed, but that's not enough to keep your mattress clean and appropriate for sleeping because this mattress covered with some dust and other pollutant debris so at that time you need Professional Mattress Cleaning Sydney services for your mattress.

Mattress Cleaning Sydney

As you know highest population of dust mites in any house is in the bedroom. Dust mites affect the dead skin, they get all the moisture they need from bedroom humidity and perspiration, and they love the warmth your body leaves in the bed. All of this makes your bedroom the perfect breeding ground to raise happy, healthy dust mites. If you properly vacuuming your mattresses it should help to getting rid of all the unwanted materials that may already be thriving with your bed covers, professional cleaning should be done at least twice a year for your mattresses. Clean mattress does not make your environment fresh and this is a lesson that is often learned the hard way. Instead of waking up congested and tired every day, have a mattress cleaning done and finally sleep knowing that your head is resting on a clean mattress.

If you want to maintain your mattress clean then try to vacuum regularly at least two or three times each week. If you suffer from dust allergies, wear a dust mask and open the windows when you vacuum, or ask someone else to do it. Our services might help to reduce your exposure to some airborne allergens when vacuuming. That mattress may look clean on the outside, but if you have never had a mattress cleaning, odds are that it is infested with dust mites. Call a Sydney Cleaning Support today so you can rest easy at night knowing your mattress is truly clean.